Stamp Vamp

Undertown Paranormal Mysteries Book #5

Cornelius Hart, the eccentric inventor and stamp-store owner, has been found dead with bite marks on his neck, and the townspeople are quick to point the finger at the supernatural. But as local shop owners with motives for murder come to light, it becomes unclear whether it’s a vampire or something more ordinary behind the crime.

Enter Emma, the curious and determined amateur sleuth who is determined to solve the mystery and bring the killer to justice. With the help of her friends, including the gossip ghosts, a professor of applied folklore, a brawny barista, and a peculiar cat, she sets out to unravel the clues and uncover the truth.

As Emma delves deeper into the investigation, she uncovers a web of secrets and intrigue that stretches back generations in Undertown. But with danger lurking around every corner, can she find the killer before they strike again?

Slay Fae

Undertown Paranormal Mysteries Book #4

The fae don’t give gifts. They make deals, and payment’s due.

Broke with dwindling prospects, Emma’s working part time at Deadtown Coffee. When she finds a counterfeit magic dealer’s body in the beans, evidence points to her.

To save herself, she needs her friends: a lacrosse-playing barista, a professor of applied folklore, and a world-weary cat pulled from retirement for one last job.

Can they clear her name before the Spring equinox, when magic swells, old doors yawn, and otherworldly melodies promise answers?

Where is her father? What’s trapping spirits on this side of the veil? Why is she able to speak with the dead? But the most important question is one she hasn’t asked yet…

Who will she dance with at the masquerade ball?

Sus Sasquatch

Undertown Paranormal Mysteries Book #3

A Snowstorm of Secrets

Undertown’s Winter Festival was supposed to be fun. Old friends, hot cider, tarot readings. They even hired a famous sculptor to build a snow maze. But when Emma finds a body in the ice, is it murder, or something wilder?

The trail of clues leads underground to an alchemical theft and Undertown’s magical heart. But when a visitor from the past arrives, how far will Emma go to protect her friends?

As she brings a bowl of buttery popcorn to the couch for the midnight movie marathon, Emma doesn’t know she’ll find answers in an antique toy shop, where rusty joints creek to life, slumbering eyes awaken, and a stolen book reveals the secrets of her family’s mystic powers.

Drama Demon

Undertown Paranormal Mysteries Book #2

A killer performance from an unlucky star

Emma’s done with being a psychic. She lifted the curse that hung for decades over her hidden Seattle neighborhood. Now she just wants to find a job and fix her leaky pipes. But a call for help from the county jail makes plumbing the least of her worries.

Her quest to free an innocent man leads to a labyrinth of secrets. Her neighbors (and her mother) want them hidden. Meanwhile, a soulless corporation weaves a web of fraud to seize and sell Undertown.

To save the day, she’ll need the help of her BFF barista, a professor of applied folklore, and a cat with literary ambitions. But with handcuffs tightening around her wrists, can she even save herself?

The answer lies in the once-palatial, long-abandoned Undertown Theater, where a shadowy figure carves a summoning circle into the stage and chants an ancient tongue…

Gossip Ghost

Undertown Paranormal Mysteries Book #1

Emma Day does NOT believe in ghosts. She does NOT have mystic powers. And she does NOT chase killers through cursed Seattle neighborhoods. Well, not usually…

When Emma inherits her estranged aunt’s psychic shop, she doesn’t plan to stay. Back home her career is hanging by a thread. But so is the body she finds in the attic.

Murder spills a lifetime of magical secrets. Decades ago they destroyed a family and gutted a community. Now they’re Emma’s only second chance.

To crack the case and lift the curse she needs her friends: a team of gossip-hungry ghosts; a professor of applied folklore; a tough-as-nails barista; and an enigmatic cat known as The Captain.

Over frothy lattes and flaky croissants, Emma follows the clues and finds what she least expects: friendship and community. But can she keep them?

The power-hungry Neighborhood Association wants her out. Meanwhile, a killer from the past is tying up loose ends…